I can feel my period approaching. My body just wants to rest because the lower back is in its monthly pain. My mind wants to lure me into mellow thoughts upon waking up in the middle of the night – furious – due to Svarun’s kicking; I was raging and since this is not my usual response, it is a clear sign of tension building up inside of me. But my soul, however, just wants to feel joyful. Both for no reason, and for a good reason.

Remember how I told you I had lost my wallet about a month ago? Well, today I went on my meadow to do my peace work. The barefoot walk alone woke me up and put a smile on my face, as it always does. I put down my yoga mat and looked at the serenity of the sea, when all of a sudden a thought hit me: “The wallet is in the couch.” You see, the sitting part of my blood red couch can be moved forward and thus offers a storage place within the framework. That’s about the only place I haven’t checked, and that’s exactly where my wallet was hiding from my sometimes splurging self. Joyful, joyful! But that’s not all I wanted to talk about today.

Lately, stuff has been happening. Good stuff, amazing stuff, actually. The Universe has sent me technological angels that help me round up my talents into what I’m here to offer to the world, while they do the “computer paperwork”. The latter used to bore me to tears and sucked out all of my zest for life and mission, so I call it a miracle that I now have two amazing business ladies, helping me out with my weak spot. I can now finally grasp a picture of the coming months, both in terms of my wellbeing and creation. I can now see where I’m going professionally, which from the plateau I had hit a few months ago, seemed highly utopic. Boy, oh boy, do I like this picture!

How did this happen? I set an intention.

I wholeheartedly intended that I wanted more clarity in my life, my business, and my relationships, and – viola – clarity came to me. That’s where these two angels came from: a clear vision of the brightest future that takes into account all of my values and needs (that are thus far known to me). Similarly, last Friday I intended that I shall find my wallet this week, and – violà – the wallet came back to me. It’s as though I had said the words that the so-called magicians performing tricks in front of children always say: “Abracadabra.” And while you may think that this is a nonsense word, let me suggest to you otherwise.

Abracadabra may come from old Arameic, the language that Jesus and Mary Magdalene spoke, where it translates as “I create as I speak” or “I create as the word”. In Hebrew, which belongs to the Canaanite language group alongside Arameic, the word translates as “it came to pass as it was spoken”. It was said to possess healing powers and was used as a magical formula by the Gnostics to invoke the help of beneficial spirits against misfortune.

Surprised? Not anymore, if we know that a word has more substance than a thought. This is the reason why it is advised to write down everything you desire on a piece of paper, instead of just thinking it through in your mind. The mind is airy, but the word is watery – it goes deeper than you may know. And although I may not have inspired you to use “abracadabra” when you are invoking something into your life – make sure you use words that are beneficial, flattering, positive, healing.

What shall I do about my back pain, then?

“Abracadabra, I will feel joyful all day long; and when my mind floats, and when my back pains, I will come back to the joy that I find in my breath, with my eyes closed.”


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abracadabra

Further reading: https://mosaicmagazine.com/observation/2015/07/are-the-origins-of-abracadabra-jewish/

8:8:8, Lion’s Gate

Today is a big day. The astrologers call it the Lion’s Gate, and the energies of 8:8:8: invite us to Start Living our Calling. The calling isn’t just something grandiose that we want to put in our Facebook profile. It can be something as simple as being the kind of mother that you wanted as a kid, saying no when you mean no, listen to others but listen to your own voice deep inside that’s always right. Apart from that, Lion’s Gate invites us to ditch the old to make room for the new, which is fully, truly, sincerely ~ us.

I read somewhere that the first part of 2017 was just the 2016 exam that we had to take again, but with this fresh knowing that we amounted since. I feel this to be very true for me. How about you? And what is it that you want to say goodbye to, because it doesn’t serve you anymore?


I’m burning the bridges to my compensation today. I don’t want to live in the “either – or” but in the “both – and” kind of reality.

Select not, embrace.

The last couple of days I have had these existential questions going on. What I feel I need to do in my life is very clear to me. However, it has been exceedingly unclear how I was going to make a living out of it, because I knew I was highly uprooted. By rejecting my own body in my teens, I also rejected everything Earthy for a long period of time in my life: I was telling myself and others I didn’t need or want any money, because I believed that money is addictive and bad; I didn’t want to have sex because I thought “sex was just body and I want to connect in spirit”; I didn’t goof around and be silly with my girlfriends because laughter is just something that loosens things up on this Earth plane.

But little by little, I came to my senses; quite literally. Laughter, even when provoked by silly jokes or god-forbid black humour, has become a way for me to loosen up and come to Here and Now. Sex, ditto, but much, much more than that and counting, since it offers a portal for human beings to turn into gods. As for money, it is something that reflects our inner well-being; if we feel abundant, we will attract abundance into our lives, and if not … well, I think we know what happens in that case. And abundance is something that we need in order to give all of our gifts to the world.

When I became a mother, I didn’t know that. It was then that I settled for the compensation that I’m breaking off tonight. Knowing that I didn’t move about this Earth plane very well, I proposed to the Universe: “I’m going to be making these energy bars and nut butters and other awesome healthy foods to keep the people happy and healthy, and you, my dear Earth are going to keep me grounded.” We both agreed to agree, so mote it be.

Tonight I’m breaking the deal. Compensation has helped me rediscover my Earthy self, meet many a beautiful souls, and get to a place, where I know I need to take a step further. Compensation can no longer serve my purpose now. You see, it has brought about a lot of worrying to make a living. That’s not how I roll anymore. I’m shifting the focus from trying to make a living to … first of all, not trying anymore but doing it, man, and second of all, making a life, not a living. The life is here to take care of the living, I swear I believe that. If we listen, and hear, and follow the lead, and live all that we’re supposed to live and give out all of the gifts that we brought along, we are abundant in nature, and so the material abundance must seek its way into our existence.

You know why: like attracts like.