The Tool of Mindfulness

My New Year’s resolution for 2017 was sovereignty. I decided to love and to be myself in any given situation. It took focus. For the first time in my life putting some virgin coconut oil on my body after showering didn’t seem like a complete waste of time. It felt right. And for the first time in my life, I did better at speaking up, rather than swallowing down. It felt right. And as I was communicating with people and observing their ways, I couldn’t help but notice how they handle situations where one has to stand up for themselves. Some were mindful, while others confronted others like bulldozers. I decided I wanted to be mindful in my confrontation, so I set out on a journey of self-discovery, where I would decipher everything that didn’t serve me and turn it into what serves and supports me. You know, if you want to handle the world, it’s imperative to first handle yourself.

Do you know the saying “Kindness is the highest form of wisdom”? Don’t you think we could always be kind to our fellow humans? I do. The same way we can always be kind to ourselves, because that’s what supports us. Kindness supports us. Being nasty towards ourselves does not serve us in any way. What it does is put more bad emotions into our system until they are gathered into a group called disease. When we realize this, we are given a tool, called mindfulness. It is what pushes us towards kindness, and away from nastiness.


How do we become more mindful? By realizing the magic of each and every moment.

Ok. Well, then, how do we realize the magic of each and every moment? By inhaling the moments that touch us; that way we allow them to turn on the light whenever we’re in the darkness, being blind to the magic.

Let’s take today, for example. I had to go pick up Svarun from day-care, which is something my mother normally does because she works in the same town. To celebrate the out-of-the-ordinary event, I decided to take him for a scoop of ice-cream. When we got to the best ice-cream place in town, I realized I had no change. They told me they didn’t take credit cards, and I knew there was absolutely no way I could ever remember the credit card number that I haven’t used in months. I didn’t panic, I still saw the ice-cream coming, I just didn’t know how. Then I heard somebody say to the waitress: “Give her the ice-cream, I’ve got change.” I looked behind me and there stood a father with two sons. My heart was telling me “while my mouth couldn’t say “thank you” enough.  He looked at me and said: “That’s no biggy, honestly. I don’t want to see the kid coming for ice-cream and leaving without it.” He didn’t just buy Svarun ice-cream, but me as well, and we left, feeling so grateful and filled.

This was magic. And it’s what happens every day.

What kind of magic supported your day today? Put it in your diary, and remember it often. Let it turn on the light when you’re blind to the magic. Go on. Mindfully.



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