Magnesium Menstrual Smoothie

Yesterday was quite a day. I was expecting my period. It usually comes the moment I wake up in the morning, but yesterday was different in that regard. I did my yoga, meditation, started photo shooting this very smoothie, finished, started writing, had a meeting, went on writing and managed to visit my son’s kindergarten teacher. I rescheduled the meeting from today to yesterday, because I knew that if the red moon didn’t come yesterday, it would come today. And on the first day of my period, I want to be able to do whatever the heck I want.




I knew I was going to get my period, because I experienced the famous drop in body temperature, according to Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) that I’ve been practising quite consistently now (well done, me). Do you know it? FAM helps you determine your fertile days by monitoring three bodily factors daily: your body temperature, vaginal secretion, and the position and softness of your cervix. Basically, FAM is natural birth control, but really it’s much more than that. It’s a way of getting closer to your body and your cycles. Something I wish I had known before, at least prior to popping the birth control pills a decade ago, and feeling oh-so-grown-up as I did it. Of course, every other girl was doing it, and when I got my first white and orange box (that would afterward challenge gigantic emotional turmoil), I finally felt like part of the clan; I somehow felt initiated into womanhood, if you will.

Funny, isn’t it? Funny and absurd, that I felt grown-up as I was numbing and deceiving my body, when in fact true wisdom comes from knowing and cherishing your body.

But how could I know? Nobody told me. In fact, how could anyone know if women of the last few centuries had to forget about the power of their cycles, if they were to survive, and not be burnt at the stake?

I’m not going into much detail about the inquisition today because frankly, I’m still not quite over it; I get goose bumps and tears flood down my cheeks uncontrollably every time I even think about it. But I will tell you this: every month this very thing reminds me of the great power us women possess. Shakti!

Why the frequency, you might ask yourself? Oh, just because of my Holy Menstrual Trinity. Whenever I have my moon cycles, all I want are three things. The first one is chocolatey-something for breakfast. The second one is endless scriptures, books, talks and interviews on the topic of feminine power and spirituality. The third one is me-time to do whatever the heck I will. If I thick all of the above boxes, I’m a happy woman.



I asked my mother to babysit Svarun yesterday, so I could reschedule and see his teacher. What she told me was: “My goodness, why are you telling everyone about your period as it were an illness, for God’s sake!” And I thought to myself: “Is it wrong to schedule my days around my cycles? It’s not that I’m crying for attention or want everyone to pat me on the back. I’m not being “poor me”. I just … want to be true to my body. That is, after thirty years of neglect.” But then I remembered. I was eleven when I got my first period. My mother looked at me pitifully and said: “You poor thing, you.” Poor thing?  For becoming a woman? Now this makes me want to choke, you see. This has to do with Christianity, that’s been deeply rooted in Slovenian belief systems of what our social roles should look like. Women here are expected to take care of everyone except themselves; to give it all and ask for nothing in return. Their happiness is granted by seeing others with full bellies. While I do feel happy when I see Svarun happy, that’s not the only thing that makes me happy! That is to say, although I do feel happy when I give, accepting makes me happy, too. And for a lot of us women, the latter is something that’s not being practised enough.

Did you know that the greatest feminine virtue is that of acceptance? Can you accept … the air into your lungs, the money into your wallet, the painful memories into your story, your man into the whole of your being? Can you accept that you’re different every week, as part of being a woman? Can you accept that on the first day of menstruation, you don’t want to see or hear anyone/ don’t feel like cooking/ working/ being all patient and giving? Can you accept that your family still wants you to play small? Can you accept … all that you are?

If you’re still struggling with any of the above, I’m pretty sure you can accept this smoothie recipe without much thought.


Mind your Magnesium

 It is said that magnesium deficiency is the commonest of all deficiencies, but virtually nobody talks about it, because it’s a new thing. And blood tests don’t show it because only 1% of magnesium is stored in your blood, while the rest lies in your bones. The catch is that magnesium dietary sources don’t grant it anymore, because the majority of it is lost in the refinement process. Magnesium content in vegetables has declined for up to 80% since 1950’s because of industrial farming, and grain refining processes remove up to 95% of total magnesium. What can you do about it? Your best bet is to grow your own vegetable garden, if you can; dark leafy greens are one of the easiest crops to grow and they are loaded with magnesium. If you don’t have access to a piece of land, at least boycott industrial farming by purchasing organic crops only. Since pesticides destroy organisms that provide nutrients to plants and fertilizers diminish the absorption of minerals, organic fruit and vegetables are way more likely to contain more magnesium.

I noticed a huge shift from very painful to slightly uncomfortable periods once I started minding my magnesium intake around menstruation. As you may know, magnesium is vital in nerve function, blood sugar control, and neurotransmitter release. It also relaxes the muscles and thus prevents cramps, which is good to know if you have painful menstruations. My speculation is that if I were mindful about my magnesium intake all through the month, the moon cycle discomfort would totally be gone. I’m about to try this, just for the experiment’s sake. I don’t expect my back pain, the heaviness in the legs, and general tiredness a week ahead will subside, and frankly – I don’t mind. Why? Because what I want the most is to know my body. I want to it so profoundly, so that I am able to aid my discomforts in ways of finding the right yoga poses, the right mindset, or enough rest. Know what I mean?

A few days ahead of menstruation I thus up my magnesium intake. I consume a lot of dark leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, cashews, cacao nibs, and use magnesium oil (that I highly recommend). I might experience a craving for chocolate, and it’s not a coincidence, since one square of organic dark chocolate contains approximately 95mg of magnesium, which is 24% of RDA. Other foods that include high values of magnesium are: bananas, avocados, almonds, figs, black beans, goat cheese, dates, yogurt, etc. But two months ago upon seeing this list of magnesium-rich foods, I took as many as I could and blend them into a delicious, chocolatey breakfast smoothie that I’m sharing today. It’s the best thing you can do for you, and the prescribed quantities will amount to two big bowls for you to enjoy.



Magnesium Menstrual Smoothie

1 banana
½ avocado
fistful of dark leafy greens (I use the chard from my own garden, yay, 
but you can use spinach, kale or other)
fistful of soaked (or soaked + dehydrated) almonds, around 35g
fistful of Medjool or soaked regular dates, around 80g
3 tbsp of organic (possibly fair-trade) cacao, around 45g
pinch of salt
pinch of cinnamon
pinch of pepper
a squeeze of lemon juice (very important!)

Pit the dates, peel the banana, pit the avocado. Use only ripe fruit. 
Put everything into blender. Blend. Enjoy and accept the luxury of it. 
You know you can.





I wish you all big love and acceptance,



Začetek Presnega poletja!

Torej … kaj ste imeli za zajtrk? Nekaj, kar odraža izobilje v naravi, mende!

Jaz pričakujem menstruacijo, zato sem si pripravila Menstrualni Magnezijev puding iz nabora živil, ki vsebujejo najvišje vrednosti magnezija v narav. Kot najbrž že veste, je magnezij tisti element, ki uravnava pretok krvi in sproščanje mišic, zaradi česar je vnos le-tega ZELO smiselno povišati tik pred menstruacijo. V ta namen jemo hrano, ki je bogata z magnezijem, ali si umislimo magnezijevo olje (ki ga dobimo v Sanolaborju in ki ga toplo priporočam vsem), s katerim se potem masiramo, ali pripravimo kopel. S povišanim vnosom magnezija se izognemo prehudim menstrualnim krčem, še vedno pa je termofor zelo na mestu. 😉

Recept za Menstrualni Magnezijev puding bo na blogu v tem tednu.


PRESNO POLETJE: Preprostost + Raznolikost

Srečen prvi dan poletja!

Čez natanko en teden (28.6.) pričenjamo s Presnim poletjem. Kdo je z nami?

Presno poletje je koncept zdravega prehranjevanja, ki zasleduje cikličnost narave. Nič ne prepoveduje, zaobjema pa najboljša, najsočnejša in najbolj živa hranila, ki nam jih ima tale vroča sezona ponuditi. In nas pri tem uri v sprejemanju.

To preprosto pomeni jesti povečini tisto, kar je na voljo tedaj in tam, kjer se nahajamo. In pri tem ne mislim na zimzelene predpakirane stvari (ki jim rečemo tudi hrana) s prodajnih polic supermarketov. Mislim na vse darove naše ljube zemlje, ki so zrasli na vrtovih in poljih bližnjih kmetov, ki vso svojo energijo usmerjajo v pridelavo naše hrane. Uau, hvala.


Iti vštric z naravo in se prehranjevati v skladu z letnimi časi je bistveno za naše blagostanje. Pravkar se nam je najavilo poletje in z njim izobilje barv, okusov in arom, ki bi jih bilo škoda zamenjati za večno enake trgovinske zmazke. Resnično! Pisanost poletja je tu, da nas navduši nad življenjem! Samo opazujmo, kako nas navdihujoč vonj ravno prav zrelih marelic zvabi v kuhinjo. Raziskovat in eksperimentirat? Mogoče nastane kakšna marelična poslastica. Biti preudaren in misliti na zimsko mrtvilo? Mogoče se jih odločimo nekaj posušiti ali zamrzniti. Zunaj je huda vročina, zato bomo skoraj zagotovo čutili odpor do prižiganja plina in kuhanja do neprepoznavnosti. Preprostost. Faire simple, bi rekli Francozi. Poenostavimo si pripravo hrane, poenostavimo si življenje. Breskve kar tako? Najboljše. Da preprostost sploh ni dolgočasna, sem se sama šele pred kratkim pričela zavedati. Do tedaj sem si pa v strahu pred dolgčasom vztrajno z vsem možnim začinjala kosilo in življenje. Ha! In še nekaj vam povem: preprostost odraža našo pripravljenost sprejemanja življenja – takšnega, kakršno je. Marelice kar tako, kot nam jih ponuja narava? Jih sprejmemo, ali pa so za nas premalo to, preveč ono? Ja, to je en izziv Presnega poletja. Naučiti se – ne samo uživati hrano, ampak tudi – uživati v hrani tako, kot nam jo narava ponuja. In pri tem uriti se v sprejemanju preprostosti.

Drugi izziv našega podviga zagotovo predstavlja sprejemanje raznolikosti, ki jo Presno poletje vnaša v življenje. Večina izmed nas bi kot presna živila na svojem jedilniku navedla jabolko na dan, da prežene zdravnika stran in solatko kot prilogo h kuhani glavni jedi. Pa mogoče kakšno suho slivo ali jabolčne krhlje, ki smo jih kot otroci radi zobali. Mar ne? Tako smo bili vzgojeni. In naši starši pred nami, in naši stari starši pred njimi. Morda nam tako paše. Če nam, je s tem popolnoma vse v redu. Aleluja! Če pa se čutimo utrujeni, smo brez energije, razdražljivi, če imamo težave s kožo, z vnetji, s kroničnimi zdravstvenimi tegobami, ali smo hudo bolni, je najbrž prišel čas za ponovno srečanje s presno prehrano, ki je do zdravja in vitalnosti pomagala že mnogim. Naj bodo naše privzgojene prehranjevalne navade samo oklep, ki smo ga prerasli, in poglejmo onkraj meja poznanega, ja?

Kot sem že omenila pri Presnem poletju ne gre za zlonamerno odpovedovanje najljubši hrani in samopomilovalno grizljanje listov solate in kolobarčkov korenčka. Gre za zagotovljeno kuhinjsko pustolovščino, dan na dan, ki nam bo odprla širna obzorja. Prisežem. Česar se sama najbolj veselim, je raziskovanje: nepoznanega sadja, zelenjave in oreščkov, kot tudi različnih načinov priprave žive hrane. Ovsene kosmiče menda vsi poznamo, toda koliko izmed nas je že poskusilo narediti jogurt iz njih? Tako je. Rastlinski jogurt, do katerega nam pomaga proces naravne fermentacije. Navdihujoče, kajne? O takšnih in drugačnih rastlinskih jogurtih boste tu gori še veliko poslušali, ker je fermentacija moja velika strast. Pa še mnogo stvari so tu v igri …


Kako se vam pa sliši kisla smetana iz indijskih oreščkov? Fermentacija.

Špageti iz poletnih bučk? Posebna tehnika rezanja bučk na tanke trakove.

Presni krekerji? Dehidracija.

Sušenje tistega platoja popolnoma zrelih marelic iz Vipavske doline? Dehidracija.

Mandljevo mleko? Namakanje in blendanje.

Mediteranska presna pica? Mariniranje.

Zeleni »shot«? Sočenje.

Presni pesto? Nabiranje, namakanje in blendanje.

Zveni zanimivo, kajne? V resnici je še sočnejše, kot se sliši. Tale avantura, ki jo pričenjamo, dragi moji, je bolj sočna kot najbolj zrela Vipavska breskvica v juliju, veste. Dajmo, ugriznimo vanjo skupaj. Za nas in za svet!

Za več informacij me lahko pobarate na Facebooku (Tamara Mihalic), ali pa se kar pridružite fb skupini Presno poletje. Vabljeni, vabljeni.



PRESNO POLETJE: Vštric z Naravo

Ali te mika avantura? Imaš rad/a vonj po novem, sočnem, svežem, pisanem, razburljivem? Potem se tudi ti pridruži navdihu PRESNEGA POLETJA!


Presno poletje je korak bližje k našemu naravnemu zdravju; zdravju, ki izvira iz našega sodelovanja z naravo. Kako prosim? To pomeni, da v skladu z letnim časom jemo hrano, ki raste tukaj in zdaj, in ki nas podpira.

Šla bom celo tako daleč in trdila, da pomeni Presno poletje iti vštric z naravo. Zakaj? V Tradicionalni kitajski medicini govorimo o termalni naravi živil, kar v bistvu govori o tem, ali določeno živilo greje, ali hladi naše telo. Tako denimo kuhana hrana telo greje (kar nam pride zelo prav, ko ob krajših dneh in daljših nočeh ne užijemo dovolj sončne svetlobe in toplote), medtem ko nas presna prehrana hladi (česar si želimo v toplejšem delu leta, ko sonce pripeka, mi pa vztrajno iščemo ohladitev v morju, reki, ali – če ste kot moja starša – v kleti, kamor ste si ravno zavoljo poletja postavili odslužen kavč). To se pravi, da poleti povečini jemo hrano, ki je lokalna (tista, ki ne potrebuje čezoceanske ladijske vozovnice, da bi prišla do nas), sezonska (paradižnik jemo poleti, jeseni, pozimi in spomladi pa paradižnikovo mezgo, ki smo jo poleti vkuhali) in čim manj toplotno obdelana. Zato, da se zlijemo s poletjem in tako od tega sončnega, slanega letnega časa – kot tudi od nas samih – pred jesenjo kar največ poželi.

Za kaj v bistvu gre pri presnem poletju?

Priznam, mene je koncept presne hrane najbolj navdušil zato, ker mi vsi, ki so že izkusili kontrast v počutju ob uživanju kuhane in surove prehrane, pričajo o dvigu življenjske energije na presni prehrani; in chi je tisto nekaj, česar mi bodisi primanjkuje, bodisi po nepotrebnem uhaja. Zagrabila sem za trnek. Koncept presne oziroma žive hrane navaja, da s katerokoli obliko termične obdelave hrane nad 42°C uničimo pomembne encime – proteine, ki katalizirajo vse reakcije v naših telesih. Tako nekuhana, živa hrana prekipeva z encimi in fitohranili, ki jih naša telesa potrebujejo za rast in vzdrževanje zdravja, mi pa posledično prekipevamo od življenjske energije, kar nam ob utrujajoči poletni vročini dobro dene. Presno poletje je zato tukaj, da nas navdihne k izbiranju več termično neobdelane hrane v vročih mesecih pred nami: več sadja in zelenjave, več sadnih in zelenjavnih sokov in smutijev, več solat in – da ne bo pomote – tudi več presnih tort in sladoledov! Presno poletje prihaja, da naše kuhinjske avanture v najtoplejšem delu leta tem bolj zaobidejo štedilnik, in pokukajo na drugo stran, k čarobnim tehnikam, ki jih doslej morda nismo uspeli zaobjeti: sočenje, mariniranje, kaljenje, fermentiranje, vlaganje, dehidriranje (več o samih tehnikah preberite tukaj).

Za kaj pa definitivno ne gre?

Presno poletje ni neka zadrgnjena, zategnjena diktatura odpovedovanja naši najljubši hrani in pomilujočega zobanja listov solate in kolobarčkov korenčka. Ne, trdno stojim v podporo vsem čutnicam in čutilom, ki jih hrana preprosto mora vzburiti. Hrana brez užitka je čisti dolgčas, ki ga svoj živi dan ne bi nikomur predpisala za kazen – kaj šele tako navdušeno širila, kot širim nagrado, ki jo vidim v konceptu Presnega poletja! Brez skrbi, ne bomo se ukvarjali s štetjem kalorij, porcij ali grozdov – zato se bomo pa toliko bolj ukvarjali s tem, česar si naše telo želi. In ko bomo zares slišali, kaj nam pravi, se bomo odločili ustreči in šli po tisto solatko, ki nas vabi z vrta. Ne bomo se ukvarjali s tem, ali jemo 100% presno ali ne, ker v tem ni poanta. Gre samo zato, da se začnemo to poletje zavestno več smukati okrog sveže zelenjave in sadja, saj narava sedaj nudi in podarja vso svežino in barve, ki jih premore, in bilo bi neumno od nas, če ne bi izkoristili tega izobilja.


Tako. V tem prvem dopisu sem odgovorila na vprašanje, zakaj je tako nagrajujoče pridružiti se Presnemu poletju. V naslednji objavi lahko preberete še KAKO in KDAJ. Puščam vas z nekoliko navdiha in resnično, resnično upam, da vam presni koncept klikne in se nam boste pridružli pri hoji vštric z naravo in naravnost, naravnost k vašemu naravnemu, optimalnemu zdravju. Ole!

Lep pozdrav in topel (a toplotno neobdelan) objem,